Product Options

Customers have an excellent shopping experience when they can personalize their products.
AvisPlus Product Options can replace boring product options with dropdowns menus, image and color swatches, input fields, checkboxes, radio buttons and many more which increase usability and look of your products.

1-click installation

No coding skills required. Install and activate the app yourself effortlessly in 2 steps and 1 click only.

Unlimited Product Options

Create an unlimited amount of custom product fields including text, numbers, radio buttons, dropdown menus, swatches and more.

Conditional Logic

Show product options based on what customers select previously. If customers choose "Add giftwrap", the option for giftwrap color will show!


AvisPlus Product Options app offers:
  • Unlimited custom product options & variant options
  • Diversified styles: Textbox, Multiple line textbox, Number, Checkbox, Radio button, Dropdown, Color swatch, Image swatch
  • Add-on price product options, variant options
  • Multiple variants selector. Choose multiple variant options at once
  • Conditional logic: Option B will show/hide based on the previously selected variants
  • Product bundle: upsell and cross-sell product options on the product page

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